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Dangers of Playing the Ouija Board

When I was a young teen, I was playing the Ouija Board with a friend who was spending the night. At that time, I didn’t know the Lord, so I didn’t know that we really shouldn’t be playing with this dangerous object. However, looking back on that night, I believe the Lord used it to show me a spiritual truth that is worth discussing.

That night, I kept asking the Ouija board if I had a guardian angel. First, it simply denied it. I kept pushing the issue, asking who my guardian angel was. I noticed that it seemed to take on a mind of its own, and appeared to be getting very upset by my question. It finally said I had a “child keeper.” Of all things, the name it gave me was a Polish name (I am 1/2 Polish), and when I visited the cemetery several months later, there was that name! It was rather creepy, to say the least.

However, after becoming a Christian, I learned that everything God does, Satan tries to imitate. So why would it be any different when it comes to God giving us guardian angels? Why wouldn’t Satan want to mimic that since he mimics all that our Father does? I believe that my “child keeper” is nothing more than a demon who is specifically assigned to me with a mission to destroy me and keep me out of God’s will. That put a whole new twist on spiritual warfare for me.

Just a side note here: That same night, I noticed that Ouija Boards are manufactured in Salem, Massachusetts. Once I saw that, I never played it again.

A few years later, once I was saved, I realized the dangers of even having a Ouija Board in the house. I decided that I needed to get rid of it, but since I was the only one in the home who was saved, I wanted to wait until a time when everyone else was gone. I searched the closet in my brothers’ room where we kept all of the games. It wasn’t there. I assumed that Mom must have put it in the attic. I checked there, but still couldn’t find it. Yet, I knew it was still in the house somewhere. I decided to pray about it. The next time I was home alone, I climbed in the attic again. At the very top of the stairs sat that Ouija Board! Even if Mom had been in the attic, she wouldn’t have been messing with that Board, nor would she have put it in that location. I knew the Lord had placed that Ouija Board there for me so that I could rid of it!

Here is another interesting story involving a Ouija Board:
My friend (Teresa) was at a party when she was a teen. The kids decided to get out the Ouija Board. Since Teresa was a Christian who knew about the evils behind this “toy,” she began to do spiritual warfare and bind the spirits from speaking through the Ouija Board. The kids began to get very frustrated that they were unable to get any answers from the Board. When they asked, “Why won’t you answer any of our questions,” the Ouija Board spelled out, “T-E-R-E-S-A.” What a powerful demonstration of the power of spiritual warfare, even for young teens! Believe me — it is an experience which Teresa will NEVER forget! (Me either!)


Interesting Tidbits

Author Norman Bridwell, who wrote Clifford the Big Red Dog, was born in my hometown.
Rupert (of “Survivor” fame), is originally from my city. He now lives one hour south of us. I have seen him twice in person. (Once locally and once at the State Fair.)

I was struck by lightning several years ago. It really is true that you shouldn’t talk on the phone during an electrical storm. I wrote a devotion about that experience. (Tab down toward the bottom of this page to find it.)

I have experienced two earthquakes in my lifetime. One was when dh and I were engaged. The other was just last year.

I flew over the Mississippi River when it was flooded back in 1993. It was amazing to see from that angle – an unbelievable sight.

I was hit by a car when I was in high school, and I landed on my head. (That explains a lot, doesn’t it?) . It happened on the busiest street in town, near the park that is uptown (for those of you who are local).

I was a page at the state senate two or three times. One year I had my picture taken with the Lt. Governor. I believe it was Robert D. Orr at that time. Another time, as my dad was driving home, the blizzard of 1978 was starting to hit this area. The ride home from Indy was quite rough, and of all things, my dad had broken ribs. So every time he hit a bump, I heard *&%*(#@! By the next morning, we couldn’t get out our back door. We were snowed in for several days, with the snow drifted over six feet high in several places in front of our house.

Interesting Family Tidbits

My dh’s neice was the flower girl in our wedding. Many years later, she married her own dh on our anniversary.

When I met dh, I was working at a bank. So was my mil. I was also involved in a singing ministry at the time. So was my mil. In fact, we both sang at the wedding! (My song was prerecorded though.)

Dh has three brothers and no sisters. I also have three brothers and no sisters.
I have two cousins named David. Both by the same father, though they have different mothers.

My mother had 2 boys, a girl, and then another boy.  So did two of my aunts.  One of those aunts went on to have a fifth child —  a girl.  We’ve always said if my parents would have done it again, I would have a sister.

Twins were born in my maternal grandpa’s family.  We thought that my generation would end up getting at least one set of twins.  The odd thing is that my cousin, who was adopted, ended up having twin girls!

Indy 500

When I was still in elementary school, my parents belonged to some kind of fan club that had to do with the Indy 500. Anyway, one time after the meeting, they allowed all of the fan club members to drive their car around the Indy 500 track. That was SO cool!

More tidbits

Country signer Dusty Dawn is from my town.

I have personally met gospel singer Karen Wheaton.
Many years ago, my Mormon cousins had a chance to host the Osmond family in their home. They were unable to do it due to a prior commitment. (If my memory serves me correctly, I think that was the same weekend that my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.)
My paternal grandma lived next door to a man who was distantly related to basketball legend Larry Bird. We could see the family resemblance in their chins.
The same grandma mentioned above also knew Perry Como.

My paternal great-grandpa worked for a railroad company. One day, he decided to duck down and walk under a train. It started moving, and decapitated him.

I personally know a gal who was on the Dr. Phil show. She works at our local Walmart, but I knew her when she used to attend my church.

One of my cousins posed for Playb*y magazine many years ago when they came to our city. This is the same cousin who taught me about the “birds and the bees” when I was in third grade.

Do you remember the Columbine shootings? I personally met Rachel Scott’s father (Darrell). I also met her grandparents, who live just an hour north of us.