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Our Nativity

A dear sister in Christ shared her story of how their family used their nativity at Christmas.  (For those of you who are local, I learned this from Glen and Jean F.)  It was always placed under the tree.  Each time they looked at the tree, they saw the nativity, which was a reminder to them of the real reason for Christmas.  I loved the idea and have implemented it for years.  Here is our nativity.


Christmas gifts

I heard my boss discussing gifts with a coworker. I poked my head out of my office and said, “Can I just brag that I have all of my Christmas gifts bought and wrapped?”

To which, my boss turned to my coworker and said, “I really don’t like people like that, do you?” LOL!

To her comment, I did add, “Well, it’s not hard to do when you are poor!!!” We spend very little on gifts. We usually buy for ten people outside of our home, and I know we spend less than $300 on gifts, and that includes those in my own home.

The key is to keep my eyes open during the off-seasons. I can find some fantastic deals. I have often found things items worth $24-$40 for only $5-$10, and I often have a coupon to get more $ off that price.  Think Kohl’s — that is where I buy most of my gifts, plus you can often get the Kohl’s cash if you spend $50 or more.  Normally, I will use my Kohl’s cash to buy more gifts to save back for Christmas.