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Working Out Update

I had something rather interesting happen this week.  On Wednesday, I worked a 12 hour shift, so I wasn’t able to work out that day.  On top of that, I felt like I ate quite a bit yesterday too.  And when dd came home from small group, she had french fries, so I was eating some of them right before heading to bed.  So…..imagine my surprise when I got on the Wii Fit Plus this morning for my daily body test and discovered that I dropped 2.4 pounds overnight!!!

English: Logo for Wii Fit Plus.

English: Logo for Wii Fit Plus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been at a plateau for quite some time.  I can’t seem to drop any more weight.  With being hypoglycemic, I can’t cut out much protein from my diet or my sugar bottoms out.  So it can be frustrating to work out so hard, and not see my clothes getting looser on me.  It makes me wonder — perhaps I need to be taking in MORE food than what I have been.  Maybe I’m not eating enough and so what I take in, my body wants to hold on to.  Any thoughts from anyone on this one?????

Granted, I am still gaining muscle mass.  When I flex my arms, they are very solid, and I couldn’t say that a couple of months ago.  I’m still working my inner thighs, and more muscle mass is building there.  But I want my clothes to be getting LOOSER on me — not TIGHTER!!!!

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Juicing and Working Out

So I’ve been juicing now for around three weeks and I have dropped one size. Not only that, but usually when I have a weekend off, I will take a nap on Friday when I get home, one on Saturday, and sometimes one on Sunday. This weekend, I took one on Friday, but was too busy on Saturday and Sunday to take one. Though my energy wasn’t extremely high on Saturday, I didn’t feel exhausted from having missed out on my usual nap. However, my energy level seemed to be at peak levels all day on Sunday! It has me wondering if perhaps my juicing is increasing my energy levels. And I’ve noticed that I also am drinking less coffee per day.

I want to address something regarding juicing — some people say that juicing isn’t all that it is cracked up to be because you don’t end up getting all of the pulp when you juice. Granted, that is true because a juicer spits out so much pulp. But I want to point out my side of the story. I do not like to eat fresh fruits and veggies. I never have. However, I *love* to drink them! So for me, juicing is a winner because it helps me make healthier choices to get that “live” food in my body and I also gain the benefits of losing weight.

Though I didn’t feel like doing a high energy cardio workout this evening since we had several things to do after I got off work, I pushed myself to do a 35 minute cardio workout. Once I got started, it felt FANTASTIC!! I used one of my Turbo Jam DVDs and did a shorter version that what was on the DVD. Hopefully, this will help motivate me to get back into doing more cardio workouts. Perhaps next week when my vacation starts, I will put forth more effort in that direction.

Natural Air Cleaner

With flu season upon us, I wanted to share a tip I use when we have illness in our home.

Air cleaner:

Eucalyptus oil and water – Combine in a pan with water and heat.  It takes the toxins out of the air.  (It works even better if you have a diffuser, but that would mean spending more money, along with adding more clutter in the house to store the diffuser.)

I didn’t want to use one of my every-day pans for this, so I went to the Salvation Army Store and bought a used pan that I wouldn’t use for anything but the above.  This way, I had what I needed for a very cheap price.

Juicing and working out

Dh just returned home last night after being gone for close to 10 days.  And while he was gone, I DROPPED A SIZE!!!  Woohoo!!!

I was still faithful to juice while he was gone.  And I have been working hard on my abs and my legs.  There were several days that I’d do 500 crunches of various kinds.  I also did a lot of inner thigh squats.  Can we just say “OUCH!”?  Those inner thigh squats are killers, but I’m getting better with them — as in, I can now do a set of 25, instead of a set of 8-10.  So at least I see some improvement in my stamina and strength.

All of my hard work is paying off.  I do have a confession though — I’ve not been as faithful to do the cardio workouts.  That is in part to dd being sick.  She HATES my Shaun T workouts and finds him quite annoying.  I didn’t have the heart to put it in the DVD player while she was recuperating on the couch.  I need to get back to doing those again because when I go a long stretch without doing them, my back pain increases, and it has really been bothering me the last few days.



Had a wonderful day today. Finally got to be in church again, after working the last 3 Sundays. It felt so good to see my church family again!

Dh got Sunday dinner for us from KFC so that I wasn’t busy cooking today since I haven’t had a Sunday off for so long. What a blessing! He takes such good care of me! (Now if I can just get him to give me a back rub this evening…..)

DD and I went to Kohl’s to use my Kohl’s cash and my 30% off coupon before it expired. We bought a Magic Bullet but dh didn’t like it. I talked him into going with me to take it back so he could pick out what gadget he wanted since today was the last day for the 30% off. We ended up getting the Ninja that will do frozen blending, food processing, dough mixing, and complete juicing. I think we will be much happier with this choice, even though it cost quite a bit more. When we got home, the first thing I did was make frozen coffee. YUM!

We had a Juiceman Juicer several years ago. When I started using it, I went from a size 18 to a size 12 in only 30 days!!!! It was amazing how fast the weight came off. I also drank so much carrot juice that I got the “carrot tan.”

Since moving to my new position at work, which is at a sit-down job, as opposed to walking four miles a shift, I have been putting on some weight again. After going from a size 18 to a size 8, I’m not at all happy about going up a few sizes. Plus, when I was a size 8, I felt the best that I have EVER felt in my life. It was wonderful. Now my back is starting to hurt a lot more, my joints hurt, etc., so I really do want to get some of the weight off, and even with as much as I work out, it is just not coming off. Hopefully, the Ninja will help kick-start my metabolism and help me to eat healthier too.

I will post updates on my progress with working out and trying to make healthier choices.

Homemade Pedialyte Recipe

WHO (World Health Organization) Oral Re-hydration Solution (Homemade Pedialyte)

Table Salt (NaCl) 1/2 tsp.* Salt Substitute (KCl) 1/2 tsp.*
Baking Soda 1/2 tsp.
Table Sugar 2 tablespoons
Tap Water 1 Liter (= 1 Qt. + 2 tablespoons)
Chill. Can be served with fresh lemon squeezed into it. One can also mix it with “sugar-free Kool-Aid” don’t use Regular Kool-Aid as it adds extra sugar which can worsen diarrhea. This tastes quite salty to someone who isn’t dehydrated.
NOTE: *Morton’s Salt makes some that is half NaCl (table salt) and half Potassium salt (KCl) and is called “Lite Salt” if that is what your grocery store has, simply use 1 teaspoon of the Lite Salt in place of the table salt and potassium salt.
Have small children start with 1 tsp. every 5 to 10 minutes, which is usually quite well tolerated. The amount can be increased every 30 to 60 minutes (2 tsp, 3 tsp, 2 T., etc. every 5 to 10 minutes).
See a physician if any of the following occur: 1. No urine output in 8 hours, 2. No tears with crying, 3. Excessive thirst, 4. Dry mucus membranes in the mouth, 5. Persistent vomiting and/or diarrhea, 6. Abdominal pain, especially abdominal pain that settles in the right lower abdomen.