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Days of Chaos

The whole video is interesting, but the main part I want you to see is from the 8.40 mark until the 12.00 mark regarding the DNC.  We are sure being ‘played.’    Later in the video, he discusses Jade Helm, with Helm standing for Homeland Eradication of Local Militia.


Donald Trump and the Future of America

This is a 2-part message that is worth the time of listening.  You could actually forward on part one to the 45 minute mark.  That is where he actually picks up on the topic.  I learned so much, and it helped me to understand why I have so many “checks” in my spirit regarding Trump.  There are MANY similarities between Trump and Hitler.  THAT ALONE should cause any of us to re-think supporting Trump.  He is NOT the golden calf / savior that many are making him out to be.

Donald Trump & the Future of America – Nathan Leal’s News from the Wall