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Yesterday’s Miracle — I could have been a widow.

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My husband experienced a divine miracle yesterday.

He was driving on a 4 lane interstate during rush hour traffic when a Toyota hit the back end of his Ford F250 pick up truck.  It hit him so hard, the truck spun 180 degrees, but also crossed over 3 lanes of traffic, yet no other vehicles were involved in the crash.  The officer was stunned when he saw what little damage was done — just the back bumper was damaged.

The guy is a loser — druggie, no insurance, and was in cuffs w/in a few seconds of the officer showing up.  He had called someone to come get him before the officer showed up. He put a bag of golf clubs in the other person’s car. Officer took the bag and opened it and pulled out one bag of drugs after another. BUSTED!!!!! Officer said the guy had a LONG rap sheet.

For several months, after verbally putting on the armor of God each morning, I plead the blood of Jesus and pray a hedge of protection over myself, hubby, and our daughter, our home, property, and our vehicles. I ask the Lord to protect us from sickness, disease, the deadly pestilence, arrows that fly by day, from accidents, and from our enemies, both seen and unseen. I have told hubby and daughter several times that it is imperative that we are relying on the protection of our God on a daily basis. Thank You Lord, for Your awesome faithfulness and protection. We praise You and we recognize it is ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU that my hubby is alive today.

Pondering on this miracle, it reminded me of another time when I firmly believe my intercession saved my husband’s life.  You can read about it here.


Never underestimate the power of prayer

Yesterday when I woke up, I recalled a dream I had that night.  Hubby and I  were in the car with my daughter, who was driving.  As she turned her head to look at something, the car left the road.

I’ve learned over the years not to just disregard dreams because sometimes they are prophetic, or a call to prayer.  As I continued to get ready for work, I began to pray for my daughter’s safety and that the Lord would also protect her car.

Less than three hours later, a car hit the neighbor’s truck, which was parked on the street, along with hitting another car.  Eyewitnesses said the man nearly hit my daughter’s car, which was parked on the other side of the street.

So I encourage you to never discount the power of praying!  And also, don’t disregard your dreams.  Sometimes the Lord will use to speak to us.