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Kent Henry worship

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and not feeling well on top of it.  It’s been very difficult to deal with on a daily basis.  When I came home from work this evening, I focused on getting things done.  Once evening chores were caught up and my bible reading was done, I sat down and listened to this playlist by Kent Henry.  What a beautiful time of refreshing my weary, worn spirit!  I have a feeling that my sleep will be very sweet tonight.


Such refreshing in the Spirit of the Lord

While I’ve been working this evening, I have been listening to this.  The presence of the Lord has filled my office.  It is such a sweet, sweet Spirit.

Hubby, Super Heroes, and More

After church, I stopped by the car wash because the car was looking rather dirty.  Later this afternoon, hubby comes in to get my keys.  The neighbor was out on his riding mower, stirring up lots of dirt/dust.  Hubby didn’t want my clean car to get all dirty.  Aww…now that’s love!  It’s those little things that mean the most!

So dd’s youth group is doing Super Heroes night.


I wrote a note for her youth pastor’s wife letting her know that she just needed to dress like herself.  She is already a Super Hero because she is a pastor’s wife, the mother of two very energetic little boys, and the leader of a small group.  (Love you, Addy!)


And as for why I am still often MIA where this blog is concerned, here is an image of how I feel most days:

This photo reflects how I am when I feel my normal self: 

So feeling so depressed for such a long spell is very, very hard on me.  Honestly, it is exhausting.  Here are some steps I’m taking to try to “get my head in a better place.”

  • Got out Saturday in the warmer, sunny weather and cleaned all of my windows.  And yes, it did help immensely.  I was my normal self the rest of the day.
  • Refreshing myself in the Lord — I’ve been watching David Jeremiah’s series on Revelation.  I’ve listened to some of the recent messages by Watchman’s Cry, but have to limit my exposure to some of the end-time stuff because it can weigh me down.
  • Taking time to play worship music online while I’m home and allowing myself the awesome pleasure of worshiping my loving Savior.  (I have worship music playing all day in my office.)
  • Limiting how much news I expose myself to since I have seen what the constant negative exposure has done to me emotionally.
  • Limit how much I try to accomplish on my days off so that I make sure I am taking extra time on those days to refresh myself.
  • Being honest with myself, my hubby, and my Lord about how I really feel.
  • Realizing that I need to daily put on the armor of God because I’m not the only Christian I know who is going through a struggle like this right now.  The enemy knows his time is short, so he is trying his best to discourage God’s children so we become ineffective in our witness.