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Very odd ‘coincidences’

I found this article a bit mind-blowing with all of the coincidences listed in it.  I’m not saying I buy into it wholeheartedly.  However, it does make one wonder…..

1958 Western: A Man Named Trump Promises to Build a Wall in Texas


Trump, Illuminati, and The Super Bowl

I thought this was very interesting and insightful.  I have had misgivings about Trump for a couple of years.  This information only helped solidify what I’ve been sensing in my spirit.

Did the Illuminati Foreshadow Trump at Super Bowl 48?

Trump in a Nutshell


Does not believe he needs God’s forgiveness.
Does not believe he needs to be faithful to his marriage vows (he is on his third wife).
Does not believe he needs to be reliable and trustworthy in business.
Does not believe he needs to respect women.
Does not believe he needs to stand against Planned Parenthood.
Does not believe your land should be protected from government takeover.
Does not believe that all gun rights should be protected.
Does not believe he needs to be held accountable for his words and actions.
Does not believe in supporting Israel as our number one ally in the Middle East.
Does not believe in accurately portraying facts.
Does not believe that voters are smart enough to recognize his duplicity.

Has committed adultery repeatedly.
Has repeatedly said degrading things about women and how to treat them.
Has abandoned over 2 billion dollars in debt as part of 4 corporate bankruptcies.
Has a wife who posed nude (not a good role model for girls).
Has built and owns casinos with strip clubs in them.
Has supported Democratic policies most of his life.
Has has hired illegal immigrants.
Has said that you would support him even if he killed someone.

He is a product of a large inheritance.
He is a reality show star who knows how to get ratings.
He is too inflammatory and dangerous to be POTUS.
He is the worst choice in the Republican primary.

(Thanks to my friend, Barb, for sending this to me.) 

Meaning Behind Donald’s Name

I found this information on the site Behind the Name.

Interesting that the name means “ruler of the world.”

Then in scripture it mentions “at the last ‘trump.’

And after listening to a teaching about how Babylon of Revelation could be a spirit over a nation, and that nation could clearly be the US, I’ve often wondered if perhaps Trump could be the Anti-Christ if it turns out that Obama is not.