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Three things for which I am thankful

I have refrained from blogging for several months.  After suddenly losing my brother to a massive heart attack in March, my priorities greatly changed.  As you have likely noticed, blogging was one thing I dropped rather quickly.  As we have watched world events unfold in the last five months, my desire to blog has waned.  Other things seem so much more important……Things such as sending cards to those who are facing trials.  Things like making phone calls to let others know how much I care about them.  Time with family.  Checking in on my parents as they continue to deal with the daily grief of having lost a child.  And the list goes on…..

However, today I felt the need to share three things for which I am very thankful on this holiday weekend.

Most of all, I am thankful for the cross.

In these trying days in which we live, I am reminded daily that God alone is my fortress and my refuge.  If it wasn’t for the cross, I wouldn’t be able to have peace in the midst of the chaos taking place in this world.
I am also thankful for my marriage.
Daily, my hubby and I discuss world events, Bible prophecy, and the reality of our Lord’s imminent return.  We are becoming closer to each other as we watch the world face incredible times of tribulation.  He is truly my best friend and I am so thankful for him.  I cannot imagine facing the issues of the day if I did not have him here beside me.  We find comfort in each other’s embrace in this world of constant chaos.
I am also thankful for the American Flag and what it means.
As I walked into Sunday school this morning, I noticed one of the men had on a shirt with the American Flag.  I sadly expressed my thoughts, “Enjoy wearing that flag while we still have that freedom.”  There were several people standing around at that moment, and none of them blew off my comment.  Rather, they sadly concurred that we are in a time where we do have to wonder how much longer our beautiful flag will be able to fly freely….how much longer we will still be called The United States of America.

Thanksgiving photos

We had a wonderful time at my mom and dad’s house.  Lots of good food and loads of fun hanging out with the family.  Here are some pictures of my great-nephew Aedan.  His daddy is serving our country in Afghanistan.  We are hoping that he will be safely home before Christmas.

Aedan sure enjoyed the chance to play on the piano.

I love his happy expression in this one:

After getting his belly full, he quickly went to sleep in dd’s arms, and she was loving it!

Once nap time was over, it was time to play again.  His mommy bought a bear that is dressed in Army colors.  It has a place on the belly for a picture of his daddy.  She shows it to him frequently.  Even though he was only one month old when his daddy left for Afghanistan, he gets VERY excited when he sees that bear with daddy’s picture on it.  It is very sweet to watch his expression and body language when looking at it.

He was quite fascinated with my necklace.

And he was even more fascinated with the Christmas tree and the shiny lights!

I love this one!


So thankful…….

While talking to several of my coworkers today, and giving many wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, we couldn’t help but pause to remember those in our city who lost everything in the tornadoes that ripped through here less than two weeks ago. We couldn’t help but to acknowledge that we have MUCH to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

  • First and foremost, I am thankful for my Lord Jesus, who saved my soul.
  • Second, I am thankful that there were no lives lost during the tornadoes here.
  • I have a home — many in my city are now homeless.
  • I have dirty dishes I can wash — many do not have any dishes.
  • I have two loads of laundry to do — many do not even have clothing.
  • I still have a freezer full of food — many lost all of their food when the power was out.
  • I have a job — many do not since 30 businesses were completely destroyed by the tornadoes.
  • Though my car is very old, I still have one — many lost their cars when they were destroyed in the tornado’s path.
  • I have the pleasure of viewing photos of my family — many lost every photo they ever had.
  • I have a family with whom I will gather tomorrow — many do not have a place to gather due to the storm.  Others will feel the ache from spending their first holiday without a loved one who died earlier this year.

Yes, we have MUCH to be thankful for — we are truly blessed.